Max Connection Pack 2 Cables de Red F/STP RJ45 Cat.7 24AWG 1m + 15 Bridas Colores Surtidos, PcCompo

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Max Connection Pack 5 Cables Ethernet Cat.6 RJ45 24AWG 1m + 15 Bridas

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Pack 8 Cables + 2 GRATIS Ethernet CAT6 RJ45 24AWG 2m + 15 Bridas Max Connection > Informatica > Cables y Conectores > Cables de red

This cable with a more reliable data transmission is preferred for more advanced networking installations where a higher bandwidth than normal is required. Additionally, FS provides customization services and solution testing and validation services.

FS 1000ft Cat5e PVC CMR Bulk Ethernet Cable, UTP, 350Mhz, 24AWG Solid Pure Bare Copper, Blue Bulk Cable 18544

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